Friday, February 03, 2006


Hi all:

Both of my Tuesday night shows were preempted this week:

Gilmore Girls by UCONN men's basketball (they won) and Commander in Chief by the President (how ironic is that?)

And GG was s'posed to be a terrific knock-down, drag-out fight among the Gilmore women, too!! Whine!

To top it off, Wednesday night's Lost was another repeat. I will NEVER get used to the new TV schedules.

Back in my golden childhood (humor me), new TV seasons began in late September and ran through to May, with the best eps in November and February sweeps, and perhaps a few weeks off to run holiday specials.

Now we're lucky to get new episodes in November and February with long gaps in between. This is no way to groom an audience IMHO. But it's a great way to frustrate them!!

Anyhoo, new shows on tonight's SciFi line-up, so I'm looking forward to those ...


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