Friday, May 19, 2006

Tonight I'm going "Over the Hedge"

Hi all:

Well, this is the big opening weekend for the movie version of "The DaVinci Code." I reviewed the book here. [You may have to register at Infuze to read the review, but it's a free site with lots of great content.] Anyhoo, the gist of my review is that the story is a crackin', fast-paced thriller - as long as you check your suspension of disbelief at the metaphorical door.

There's a whole cottage industry now debunking the novel's historical claims about the Catholic Church and its version of Christianity. But there are also experts speaking out about the bunkum' historical claims regarding DaVinci and his art, including art historian and Connecticut College professor, Robert Baldwin.

So instead of promoting this false and in some cases, slanderous, version of history, I'll wait until it comes to the discount theaters and go see another movie that's opening this weekend, too: "Over the Hedge."

This movie is based on a comic strip about animals coping with encroaching suburbia and stars the voices of Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, Steve Carrell (looooove him in the American version of "Office"), Allison Janney, and William Shatner (?!). This site contains lots of info. about the movie from the comic strip's creators, Michael Fry and T Lewis.

Sounds like a winner to me! And I'm gonna' do my bit tonight to see that it's a winner at this weekend's box office, too!


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