Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Star Trek Review

Hi all:

My new review of:

is now up over at SF Reader. Here's how it begins:

Evolution by Heather Jarman completes the 10th anniversary Star Trek Voyager tribute trilogy called "String Theory." This concluding chapter is on par with the first two episodes and a fitting finale to an epic adventure.

Jarman is a terrific writer, who handles science topics and characterization with equal skill. She also plots well, which is imperative in such a busy tale, which features three ongoing storylines:

Click on the SF Reader link to find out what those storylines are! [Sorry guys, SFreader had a database malfunction and my review is gone! I'll let ya' know when it's reposted. 8/28/06]

[Hi all: Good news! Pete at SFReader was able to retrieve my lost review! It's now reposted here. 9/27/06]

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