Saturday, July 29, 2006

Science Fiction Museum

Hi all:

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Seattle was my visit to the Science Fiction Museum (SFM). It was created by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame and is attached to the funky building that is the EMP, or Experience Music Project.

Here's the EMP and SFM building viewed from straight overhead on the observaton platform of the Space Needle. The SFM is the gray section at the upper left. The rest of the building is the EMP and it's s'posed to look like a smashed guitar in honor of Jimi Hendrix, a Seattle native.

Here's a closer view of the EMP. The green and blue sections are s'posed to be the smashed guitar frets.

Here's the SFM entrance.

Side mural.

Front mural. (This one's currently my computer desktop image - it looks great on the 17" screen!)

If you like SF and are in Seattle, this is a must-visit. I think it was $12 for adults.

One caveat, however: The book store was lousy. After the magnificent time line history of SF in the museum, I was hoping for a coffee table book of same. Oh well, maybe they're working on one?

On the bright side, I saved money by not buying any souvenirs. :)


(all photos copyright hrh 2006)


hrp said...

Nice "art" shots!


hrh said...

Hi hrp:

Glad you liked 'em. I hope to take more in China ... :)