Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Acts of the Spirit" Graphic Novel Review

Hi all:

My latest review is up over at This one is for a graphic novel by Robert James Luedke, the second book in his Eyewitness series, called Acts of the Spirit. Here's the cover:

My review begins with a problem:

I have a problem: I love comics and graphic novels, I even subscribe to Publisher's Weekly's Comics email newsletter. The 8/15/06 issue actually features a full-length news story about Christian comics from the recent San Diego Comic Con. However, I'm not interested in superheroes, manga, or underground raw culture, which together make up the bulk of comics coming out today.

But the graphics novel form is so rich. I absolutely adore the series of Classics Illustrated graphics novels that came out several years ago, which included works by Poe, Melville, Verne, Dickens, etc. Great stuff! ...

Read the rest of the review here. [NOTE: You may have to register to read, but registration is free, and there's lots of other great content!]

If you're interested in Book One of the Eyewitness trilogy or Luedke's other works, visit his website for Head Press Publishing.



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