Sunday, August 20, 2006

"The Candle of Distant Earth" by Alan Dean Foster

Hi all:

My latest review is up over at It's for prolific SciFi author Alan Dean Foster's latest book:

Here's how I begin my review:

I could give Alan Dean Foster's The Candle of Distant Earth a 5-star rating based on the quality of storytelling, setting, and characterization. The only factor that keeps me from the highest score is that this novel is the finale of Foster's Taken trilogy, and my enjoyment was lessened for not having read the first two: Lost and Found and The Light-Years Beneath My Feet. Of course, I do plan to seek them out now, so you could argue that this factor merits Candle a top rating. But this is my review . . .

Head on over to my full review to find out what rating I did end up giving Candle! [Sorry guys, SFreader had a database malfunction and my review is gone! I'll let ya' know when it's reposted. 8/28/06]

[Hi all: Good news! Pete at SFReader was able to repost my review here. 9/27/06]



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