Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still Time for some Summer Reading!

Hi all:

I know summer's almost over (shhh!), but there's still time to get in some last-minute summer reading!

For your reading pleasure, I (click on the book covers for my reviews*) and the

recommend the following three titles:

Levi's Will by Dale Cramer (great men's fiction - a wrenching father/son story)

River Rising by Athol Dickson (Southern gothic fiction in the tradition of William Faulkner)

Shadow Over Kiriath by Karen Hancock (excellent historical fantasy)

Oh yes, BTW, I did write these reviews despite the different names listed. I've written Infuze a couple times for corrections (they had a server blitz a few months ago), but no go so far.

Bethany House Publishers even quoted from my reviews on their site. Woohoo!

Anyhoo, click on the book titles if you'd like to purchase!



*P.S. You may have to register at Infuze to read the reviews. But it's free, and there's lots of other great content, too!

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