Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Pandora's Star" at SF Reader

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Before I get to my second post on Orthodoxy in Frederica Mathewes-Green's books, I'm popping in here to let you know I have a new review posted over at

This one is for Pandora's Star by Peter J. Hamilton, the first book in his Commonwealth Saga series.
Here's how my review begins:

If you're looking for a futuristic saga to sink your teeth into, Pandora's Star by Peter Hamilton is the ticket to your fantastic journey. This science fiction epic has something for everyone.

If you like a cast of thousands involved in multiple plot lines that all weave together in a grand adventure, then you'll love Hamilton's vision of our galaxy circa 2380 A.D.

If you're a cold case buff, there's the 130-year investigation by Paula Myo, genetically engineered with an obsessive compulsive trait that makes it impossible for her to be dishonest or unjust, into suspected criminal, Bradley Johansson, founder of the Guardians of Selfhood, an underground (or is it undergalaxy?) crime syndicate. She pursues him across several lifetimes literally.

If you like the idea of having several lifetimes, Hamilton depicts rejuvenation as a common practice in the 24th century. In this process, people have a memory chip implanted in their brains, and around age 50, instead of getting a colonoscopy as we in the 21st century are instructed to do, they get a new body engineered into which their memory chip is planted. Presto! Second childhood. And third. And fourth, and on until you decide to stop, which not many people do ...

Find out what else is possible in Hamilton's 23rd century, by reading the rest of the review here.




Gufo said...

Dear HRH, I read (and appreciated) your review of Pandora's Star... I did love Hamilton's Confederation, but did not like so much his Commonwealth. I do in fact have a gripe with your assertion: "
As you can see, Hamilton has created a consistent and believable brave new world by extrapolating current technologies to their plausible applications. He has also surmised a realistic depiction of what life would be like with these new capabilities.

I detailed in my blog why in my opinion the whole unverse... well, stinks...

anyway, nice blog, I'll come around again soon...

hrh said...

Hi gufo:

Thanks for your comments. I breezed over and found your post, but it's about "Judas Unchained," which I haven't read yet, so I don't wanna' spoil it for myself. :) I'll check back on your comments after I've read the book.

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