Monday, November 27, 2006

Wednesday, November 22 - Guangzhou Mosaiculture Exhibition

Hi all:

Wednesday we went to the Guangzhou Mosaiculture Exhibition 2006:

This is a beautiful 5-year-old park full of topiary, an orchid greenhouse, water gardens, and banzai.

Here's our group with the topiary elephants that welcome visitors to the park:

Here are the topiary serpents that tower over the park:

Here's a closeup of the serpents:

Here's a flock of topiary sea fowl in the lake:

Here's an amazing musician:

I took several dozen photos here - too many to show - of pandas, giraffes, musicians, wooden statues, etc. But they'll make a great slideshow once I figure out how to put one together.

For the story from the new adoptive family's perspective, visit their site and click on "Our Journey to China".

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