Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Perfecting Kate" by Tamara Leigh at TitleTrakk

Hi all:

Here's how my latest review at TitleTrakk, "Perfecting Kate" by Tamara Leigh, begins:

Tamara Leigh's "Perfecting Kate" is the perfect example of a chick lit novel that ticks off every box on that genre's formula checklist, yet never feels formulaic. Here is the spicy young woman who's sworn off men, but who keeps changing her mind. Who has a propensity for the dramatic. And an inclination to overanalyze her life. Yet she's totally sincere and trying to do the right thing. Very messed up and very likeable.

Since chick lit is character driven rather than plot dependent, it's imperative for readers to identify so much with the heroine that they want to spend time with her and her neuroses. And since this lit is predominantly told in the first person, readers must enjoy being inside the chick's head and listening to her inner voice cluck for 400 pages. This reader absolutely loves Kate Meadows, perfect or not ...

Read the rest of the review here. I totally recommend this book, so either get it from your local library (gotta' plug those libraries!) or get it discounted from CBD:

Perfecting Kate

By Tamara Leigh / Multnomah Fiction

Just when mural artist Kate Meadows resolves to embrace singledom and be unbelievably, inconceivably happy, it seems to be raining men. Hallelujah! Or not. First, there's Michael. He's the famous makeup artist determined to bring Kate's looks up to his standard. It's amazing what a few cosmetic procedures can do, but Kate's starting to feel like she's on Extreme Makeover, just without the TV cameras and someone else paying the bill. Then there's the enigmatic Dr. Clive Alexander. Despite his insistence that Kate is perfect just the way she is, he wants to change her in his own way. So, what's a single, thirty-something woman to do? It's a tough call. For as much effort goes into improving her appearance, even more is needed to jumpstart her "on hold" relationship with God.




C.J. Darlington said...

Your enthusiasm for this book really shines through in the review. I had fun reading it.

hrh said...

Thanks for the extra copy - I can't wait to share it with someone!