Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Pressing On" by Becky Haagsma at Title Trakk

Hi all:

Also new this week at Title Trakk is my review of an independent music CD called Pressing On from new artist Becky Haagsma.

Here's how my review starts:

The serendipitous thing about being a reviewer is that sometimes you receive the pleasant surprise of discovering a new artist. Becky Haagsma is a musician I hadn't heard of and probably would never have listened to if Title Trakk had not asked me to review her CD.

I am pleased to report that Pressing On is a marvelous collection of eclectic musical styles ranging from groove to rap to worship to ballad. Haagsma herself has a rich set of pipes which she uses to belt, rap, soar, or soothe. And she's also co-producer and writer or co-writer on all 12 songs. Quite the undiscovered talent. Until now. At least by me. And now, I hope, by you ...

Click here to find out why I enjoyed this new artist and here to visit Becky's site.



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