Friday, October 05, 2007

"A Mile from Sunday" by Jo Kadlecek at Title Trakk

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I've got another review over at Title Trakk this week. It's for A Mile from Sunday by Jo Kadlecek:

A Mile from Sunday, The Light Foot Trilogy Series #1

By Nav Press

Religion reporter for The Denver Dispatch, Jonna Lightfoot McLaughlin is the daughter of spiritually experimental hippies---so she's seen just about everything out there. Then she receives an anonymous tip about a church that's stealing lives instead of saving them. Could this be the story she's been waiting for---or the end of her career?

Here's how my review begins:

Meet Jonna Lightfoot McLaughlin, religion reporter for the Denver Dispatch. With her many-faceted personality that lives up to her Christian, Native American, and Irish name, McLaughlin's wry yet hopeful take on religion's place in modern life is realistic and refreshing. Though she's always on the lookout for good news about the Good News, the religion beat often disappoints her with not just bad, but really bad news. Is this totally unexpected however? As C.S. Lewis reflects in the novel's opening quote: "Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worst."

Writer Jo Kadlecek explores this phenomenon of religious bad men in the first book in her Lightfoot Trilogy from NavPress. Called A Mile from Sunday, this chapter in McLaughlin's life takes place in the mile-high city, which is the perfect place to explore religion with Denver's eclectic mix of New Age crystal gazers, Buddhist longsufferers, and Christian do-gooders. McLaughlin has lots of material for her beat, but Jonna is much more than Kadlecek's philosophical mouthpiece; she's a fun, mixed up, sincere, and intelligent twenty-something reporter with equal amounts timidity and boldness that keep her safe and serve her well in the sometimes dangerous world of religion reporting ...

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