Sunday, October 28, 2007

"The Reluctant Journey of David Connors" at Title Trakk

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Looking for a new Christmas classic this year? I have a new review over at Title Trakk for "The Reluctant Journey of David Connors" by Don Locke, which might be what you're looking for.

The Reluctant Journey of David Connors

By Don Locke / Navpress

Failed family man David Connors contemplates suicide atop a snowy Chicago skyscraper. But a peculiar old carpetbag causes him to pause---just before a windy gust sends him to the pavement below . . . where he lands without a scratch! As objects mysteriously appear, allowing him to help others, his strange journey out of despair begins. 256 pages, softcover from NavPress.

Here's how my review begins:

Just in time for Christmas comes "Tonight Show" writer Don Locke's debut novel The Reluctant Journey of David Connors. Following in the steps of traditional holiday favorites "It's a Wonderful Life" and A Christmas Carol, David Connors' journey begins the week before Christmas when he ascends to the roof of his high-rise office building and prepares to end his life. But as he teeters on the edge, an old lump of carpetbag catches his attention. When he reaches for it, they both tumble off to plummet 40 stories - into a deep, fluffy snowbank.

Connors begins to wonder whether the carpetbag has anything to do with his survival and decides to take it with him. His suspicions are first doused then aroused when he returns to his car to find a policeman writing him a ticket ...

Read the rest of the review here. Or get your own copy in time for Christmas here.



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