Monday, December 10, 2007

"Boo Humbug" by Rene Gutteridge at Title Trakk

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Here's another review now appearing at Title Trakk for a delightful and funny Christmas story titled

073535: Boo Humbug, Boo Series #4Boo Humbug, Boo Series #4

By Rene Gutteridge / Waterbrook Press

Here's how my review begins:

Rene Gutteridge's Boo books are essentially a Halloween series, but here she crosses over into the Christmas holiday and it's a real hoot - or should I say humbug! Boo Humbug, the fourth book about the eccentric small town of Skary, Indiana, is the author's Christmas present to her fans as Gutteridge tells readers in both the dedication and the acknowledgments that she continues to write about Skary because the fans want her to. These loyal fans will be delighted to revisit the neighborhood for its over-the-top holiday festivities.

Gutteridge does a great job making the book accessible for general readers, too, who may just be in the mood for a holiday read and so pick up this delightfully colorful little hardback with the Christmas lights strung 'round the border without knowing the history of Skary ...

Find out more about Skary and Scrooge by clicking here. Or get yourself a copy here.



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