Sunday, December 16, 2007

"The Clear Light of Day" by Penelope Wilcock at Title Trakk

Hi all:

My latest Title Trakk book review for

45538: The Clear Light of DayThe Clear Light of Day

By Penelope Wilcock / David C. Cook
is online now. Here's how my review begins:

Here's a cozy British novel without the murder, which is exactly what I love. Because after all, isn't "cozy mystery" an oxymoron since the mystery is usually a murder - and dead bodies aren't very cozy? But I digress ... In The Clear Light of Day, Penelope Wilcock tells the meditative tale of a forty-something Methodist minister who struggles with loneliness despite the rigorous social responsibilities of the small country circuit of three chapels that she shepherds.

Esme Browne is recently divorced after her husband left her when she received her ordination. Her family also defines success in terms of useful marriages and career accomplishments to the point that her father advises her to "put your career first. Friends are all very well, but I'm afraid what you must do is just move on and forget them ... The job has to come first." Ouch ...

Find out if Esme succeeds in following her father's advice here. Or get your own copy of the book here.




Solar! said...

Now, I haven't ever read this book, and even though your review was a very good one, at the moment I don't intend to.
But I do recognise the book from the library a few days ago.

I was sitting there cross legged on the blue carpet, looking after one of my friends three year old sisters, reading out a book about orange octopuses and other ludicrously coloured sea animals.
This lady briskly walked past me, carrying a huge, sky high stack of (what seemed to me at the time) lacklustre, 'middle-aged-lets-have-an-affair-then' books in her arms.
The top book slide off the pile, and fell into my lap.

Glancing at the cover before handing it back to the flustered lady, the book was titled 'The Clear Light Of Day', by Penelope Wilcock.

It might be just me and my damn good memory, but it was quite a coincidence to see the same book being reviewed on blogspot.

Random comment, sorry.
Just thought I would mention it.


C.J. Darlington said...

Solar--Guess you're destined to read it! :)

hrh said...

Too funny Solar! And I agree with C.J., you're meant to read this one ... and you know your library carries it! :) Hope you decide to. The sequel's due out shortly ...