Monday, April 21, 2008

"Just Jane" by Nancy Moser at Title Trakk

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Here's a new review at Title Trakk for Just Jane by Nancy Moser.

Here's how my review begins:

Just Jane is Nancy Moser's second biographical novel after the intriguing Mozart's Sister. Judging by Just Jane, Moser has a real knack for this genre-crossing method of historical storytelling.

As a biographer, Moser succeeds in bringing Jane Austen's quiet life to life for the reader by mixing together thorough research, a novelist's imagination, and a woman's intuition. In authorial notes Moser acknowledges the use of her own experiences as a sister author to guess at Jane's reactions to the events in her life as well as how these trials and triumphs may have contributed to the particular novels that Jane wrote during those times. Readers can be comfortable with the results of Moser's educated guesses because of the thorough explanations given at the end of the novel in her "Dear Reader" and "What is Fact and What is Fiction" articles. Moser also gives biographical information for the rest of the Austen family in her "What Happened Next?" article ...

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