Monday, May 19, 2008

'Symphony of Secrets" by Sharon Hinck at Title Trakk

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I have a new review up at Title Trakk for Sharon Hinck's latest novel called Symphony of Secrets:

Here's how my review begins:

In The Restorer series from NavPress, Sharon Hinck leads readers into a fantasy world where suburban moms can be transformed into sword-wielding heroines. In Symphony of Secrets from Bethany House, Hinck leads readers into the backstage world of the modern orchestra where single moms can make their dreams come true. Just which world is the more exotic and dangerous place to be is not entirely clear!

Single mom Amy Johnson is a prickly artist, whose Julliard-trained musical track took a sharp turn down the wrong road when she discovered she was unexpectedly expecting. After being abandoned by the baby's father, a fellow music student, Amy gives birth to a daughter, who she names Clara in honor of composer Clara Schumann. Over the next 15 years, mother and daughter make a musical life together while Amy continues to pursue a musical performance career.

Hinck finds a creative way to showcase Amy's frustrations with her life path by giving her an insatiable curiosity to uncover conspiracies all around her. Amy's an avid mystery reader, who finds nefarious motives for everyone from the neighborhood boys playing in the backyard to the waiters at a country club. Her own life is a mystery to her, so she makes mysteries out of everyone else's ...

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