Monday, June 02, 2008

"The Fisherman's Testament" by Cesar Vidal at TitleTrakk

Hi all:

I've got a new review up at TitleTrakk for Cesar Vidal's The Fisherman's Testament.

Here's how my review starts:

Cesar Vidal's The Fisherman's Testament is actually a testament within a testament. Retired Roman soldier Marcus Junius Vitalis reminisces about an epochal event in his life when, after returning to Rome from his years serving in the East, he is summoned to Nero's palace where he is asked by Nero himself to help with the investigative hearing of a Jewish barbarian named Petros. As the investigation progresses, Vitalis finds himself becoming increasingly unconvinced of this man's guilt as he witnesses Petros responding to Nero's questioning without fear. Indeed, this barbarian's peaceful and authoritative eyewitness account of the Christos in the face of Nero's badgering and belligerence begin to affect Vitalis, the hardened Roman soldier, in unexpected ways ...

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