Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sarah Palin speaks to Florida TV 10/6/08

Hi all:

One of the frustrating things for me this election season is how much the talking heads and print journalists in the mainstream media (MSM) are telling us what to think. I realize I've been doing a lot of that in this blog - along with printing stories, such as Sarah Palin's radio interview last week - that let the candidates speak for themselves.

So I'm going to do more of letting the candidates speak for themselves here on my blog. Pointing readers to interviews so they can hear and judge for themselves rather than me telling people what to think. When I say candidates, I do mean primarily Sarah Palin, because I feel the Obama/Biden candidacy is given lots of play in the MSM ...

So here's a link to a local TV interview that Sarah Palin did with a Florida station on October 6 during her 2-day swing through that critical battleground. Click on the pic of Palin arriving in Jacksonville to get to the video interview.

It's about 8 minutes long. And watch to the end to hear what she thinks of Tina Fey's impressions!!



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