Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama's Unpaid Bills ...

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I read that the Obama campaign is pondering what to do with the $30 million they have left from their campaign. Perhaps pay their outstanding bills?*

If he's unwilling to do that, how about giving the $30 million to the auto companies and save the taxpayers some $$$? ...

*Here's the story from

By Pam Lifke

The Obama for America campaign’s Nov. 3 rally at Copley High School, which brought then-vice presidential candidate Joe Biden to the area, cost Copley Township approximately $12,000 in police, fire and service department fees.
Photo: Ken Crisafi
COPLEY — Copley Township Fiscal Officer Janice Marshall is looking for a little something extra in the township’s Christmas stocking this year — about $12,000 from the Obama for America campaign.

Vice President-Elect Joe Biden made a last-minute campaign stop Nov. 3 at Copley High School. With only a day to prepare, the local police, fire and service departments racked up $12,375 in labor and material costs for security and other duties, such as traffic control, Marshall said. She sent an invoice for that amount to the campaign Nov. 26.

According to district Treasurer John Wheadon, Obama for America campaign officials contacted Copley-Fairlawn City Schools Business Manager Steve Robinson the evening of Nov. 1, about a day-and-a-half before the rally. He and Wheadon negotiated with campaign officials that night and signed a $3,000 contract for the use of the high school facility. The district’s invoice was paid this month.

U.S. Secret Service personnel contacted Copley Police Chief Michael Mier for assistance with security. Between his own personnel and members of the Metro SWAT unit, Mier provided 60 officers for crowd control and security. The Secret Service provided another 10 agents, Mier told Copley Township trustees at a recent meeting.

Marshall said she decided to try to bill the campaign after reading a news story about the city of Cleveland billing a political campaign for $55,000 it incurred for a rally.

On a scale of 1-10, Marshall said she thought the township’s chances of being reimbursed for its expenses were about a 5.

“It’s not impossible, particularly since we have some names of campaign people,” she said.

Marshall said U.S. Rep Betty Sutton’s (D-District 13) aides had been very helpful by providing names of contacts within the Obama for America Campaign.

Marshall said campaign officials did not contact any of the township trustees prior to scheduling the rally, so there was no opportunity to negotiate a contract. She said she thought township officials should have been contacted, but the timeframe was so short there was no time for approvals.

“You get a call and you respond,” she said.

By contrast, the John McCain-Sarah Palin presidential campaign gave Green Local Schools a little more time and a lot more money for its political rally Oct. 22 at Green Memorial Stadium. Superintendent Wade Lucas said the campaign contacted district officials a week before the rally to let them know the site was being considered. After the Green facility was selected, negotiations began, and the district settled on $18,000 in rental for four days. The district received a check for $21,462 Oct. 30, Lucas said. The payment included about $3,000 to cover minor damages to the facility, Lucas said.

City of Green Finance Director Larry Rush said he did not expect the city to have incurred any additional expenses for security during the rally. Green contracts with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office for its police services, and security for the rally should be covered under the contract, he said ...

And now Obama's in charge of the country ... Wonder who's going to pay the bills now?


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