Wednesday, January 07, 2009

John Ziegler interviews Governor Sarah Palin 1/5/09

Hi all:

Here's an excerpt from an interview John Ziegler - who put together the "How Obama Got Elected" documentary after the November election - did with Governor Palin on January 5 as part of his new documentary, "Media Malpractice."

The video excerpt is about 9 minutes long. About halfway through, the audio and video get out of sync, but it's still a great interview.

Pay particular attention to what Governor Palin says about Katie Couric!

And watch her reaction to a particularly nasty bit from one of Tina Fey's Saturday Night Live hit pieces ... :(

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Here's a photo of one of the producers of the video. Click on the photo for a bigger image, and go to her site on TeamSarah to read more about their visit and see a slideshow of the interview.




Suzette Watkins said...

Always great to see interviews with Sarah Palin. She's genuine, she's real, she's honest, she's just a good ol girl doing the best she can for the people she serves! She's an inspiration!

hrh said...

Thanks for stopping by, Suzette.

If you want to keep up on the good Governor, check her official site, which is regularly updated with press releases and new photos: