Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CSFF Blog Tour Day Two - Karen Hancock's "The Enclave"

Hi all:

Day Two of the CSFF Blog Tour for Karen Hancock's The Enclave.

Yesterday I mentioned that The Enclave reminded me of Stargate, particularly the movie and the first four or five years of the TV program. That franchise explained ancient sarcaphogi in a science fiction way as having been used by aliens called gou'ald, or some such spelling.

Hancock's sarcophagi have a similar sinister origin, but she takes a totally different tack from a totally different historical line. Don't want to give away any spoilers here! I found her ideas fascinating. In fact, I used some of her ideas in a similar way for a Stargate spec script I wrote 5 years ago! But I didn't think of the sacrcophagus angle. Here's a link to that script BTW. Don't go to that link, however, if you don't want spoilers for The Enclave!

Click here or scroll down for my Day One entry, which lists all the other participants in this month's CSFF Blog Tour.



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