Monday, September 07, 2009

Ted Dekker graphic novels review

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Title Trakk just came out with my review of two graphic novels by Ted Dekker.

Here's how my review begins:

I must begin my comments with the disclaimer that I am at two disadvantages:

  1. I have not read the original Ted Dekker novels upon which these graphic novels are based.
  2. I have not read the first two graphic novels in this series, Chosen and Infidel.

This being the case, I have to say that I was somewhat lost as to plot and character since Renegade, the third novel in the series, starts in medias res with one of the characters falling through a twilight zone. As I read along, I find out that he apparently dropped blood on a historical book that gives power to travel through time and space. Apparently there are seven of these historical books, and if someone owns all seven, they will possess powers to rule the universe and other such superhero antics. At one point, a bad guy seduces the conflicted good guy to take "suhupow," superhero slang for "Super! Human! Powers!"

Yes, this graphic novel is full of "Oof!" "Bam!" "Pow!" moments.

Despite not quite following the storyline, I can see that these novels are well drawn, colored, and lettered. I enjoyed the various camera angles framing scenes and the variety of layouts to emphasize key points, such as occasional full 2-page spreads, and some small frames to focus on a key plot point. Graphic novels are much more like films than novels, and combine the best of both media formats ...

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