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Palin Endorses Murkowski's opponent: 2004 Sarah Palin on Contested Primaries

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In Sarah Palin's Facebook today endorsing Joe Miller for U.S. Senate against Lisa Murkowski, she declares "Competition's Good! Joe Miller for Alaska."

This is not new for Sarah Palin.

Check out this article from 2004, back when Sarah Palin was just a hockey mom.

Contest in primary is nothing to fear

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Published: April 16, 2004
Last Modified: April 17, 2004 at 01:57 AM

Granted, my unapologetic passion for sports may play an exceptionable role in shaping my worldview, but I'm convinced the formula for success in the sports arena is essentially the same in the political arena. In fact, I believe all I ever really needed to know I learned on the basketball court. Thus, my zeal for competition in Alaska's primary races.

It would be astonishing to hear anything but enthusiasm for challenges in athletics, so it's puzzling that some are discouraging competition in the selection process for party nominees to move on to the state's general election for U.S. Senate.

Competition defines and refines a person. Character is revealed. It's really nothing to be afraid of. It should be welcomed in order for you to improve as an individual and increase your team's chance of success.

Republicans are known for preaching the benefits of all kinds of competition, including in the business world, for education choices, product pricing and job opportunities in free markets, and even as the principle behind coaches choosing starting lineups. Why, then, deprecate competition when selecting political leaders?

Despite "politico experts" who claim otherwise, it's nonsensical to believe Republicans would shoot themselves in the foot by allowing primary competition. Remember, the dynamics of the new closed primaries don't let "spoilers" advance from party primaries into the general election. Wayward ammunition causes damage when politicians run negative campaigns aimed toward opponents' feet instead of shooting straight with voters. Republican primaries send victorious candidates forward via majority mandate. Pretty simple. Pretty American.

State government spends $1.3 million on primaries so partisans can select candidates. Surely, multiple choices on the ballot help justify this expenditure. Otherwise, what's the sense in tax-funded primaries instead of automatic byes doled out through party conventions?

Competition drives you further than you can push yourself on your own. That's good! Opponents make athletes run faster, work harder, produce more; these are attributes Alaskans want in leaders. Encouraging competition is on par with coaches and teammates believing you can improve, so they advocate competition not to tear you down, but to build the best team possible.

Competitive races allow development of resourcefulness, perseverance, sportsmanship, a larger circle of acquaintances and better responsiveness to issues -- all things needed in elected officials.

Alaska craves leaders who grow stronger when up against the ropes. That's what happens in competition. Champions expose themselves to pressure, ignore fears of defeat and actually relish contests they'll face in the ring where there's no room to shirk from confrontation.

UCLA coach John Wooden reminded his players always to place team welfare above personal desires. He stressed straightforwardness and humility and wasn't impressed with self-claims of competency and qualifications because self-aggrandizement isn't only unimpressive, it's downright annoying. Campaigns: Spare us the same annoyance by welcoming opponents, so results from a trusted selection process can honorably speak for themselves! Then doubts are erased. Victories are earned and legitimized.

I trust that most in the party of Abraham Lincoln have the right agenda for Alaska, but we won't realize GOP-won benefits if Alaskans continue to struggle with questions concerning fairness in the candidate selection process. All the campaign funds in the world won't buy positive results if voters question the integrity of actions that give unearned, unfair advantage to anyone. So instead of fearing contests as dreaded, dangerous affairs, realize the most important thing incumbents and challengers can do to establish themselves and explain their positions is to run inspiring, open campaigns from here on out.

For the good of Alaska's team, let's have healthy debate and voter education opportunities in upcoming races. We'll develop confidence in candidates chosen by majority vote who gain statewide experience. Candidates also benefit by gaining confidence in the public trust they earn as they move into the final round.

Competition. Yeah, it's tough. It's uncomfortable and inconvenient. But as the sports world gives constant reminders that competition makes everyone better, in this land of opportunity Alaskans deserve campaigns that make our state better too.

Sarah Palin is a former mayor of Wasilla and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. She also was co-captain of a state champion girls basketball team at Wasilla High. She now is an enthusiastic hockey mom and very slow distance runner. Though mentioned as a possible U.S. Senate candidate, she says her chances of winning the Boston Marathon are better than her chances of GOP leadership support for a challenge to Sen. Lisa Murkowski.



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