Monday, February 13, 2006

"Lost" in Thought

Hi all:

Are you a "Lost" watcher?

No, really, do you watch the TV program called "Lost?"

Do you tune in to ABC on Wednesday nights at 9:00 to find out what's happening on the mysterious island (if there's a new episode!!) and then move on to your next program, the news, or bed with nary a thought of the lost islanders until next Wednesday at 9:00 (if there's a new episode!!)?

If so, then I predict you are in the minority.

For many viewers, "Lost" the TV show is merely a jumping-off point (whether they're jumping off the deep end, I'll leave for you to judge.). Each week's 45-minute episode is treated as the scene of a crime, so to speak, which is then taken apart frame by frame (thank you, Tivo!) and dusted for clues, connections, and conclusions.

Consider just two websites:

[WARNING: Sites contain massive spoilers. Read at your own risk!]

The Society for the Study of Lost for the academic (and exhaustive!) approach.

The Ultimate Theory for, well, one fan's ultimate theory (14 pages of theory and discussion ... and counting!) about what's going on.

If you visit either of these sites, be prepared to spend some time.

There now.

Are you still only a "Lost" watcher?


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