Friday, February 10, 2006

"The Office" - and Free Comic Book Day!

Hi all:

I saw an episode of the American "The Office" last night with Steve Carrell. I thought it was pretty good. A bit less risque than the British version, which is now showing on my local PBS at 10:00 p.m. Saturdays.

Other than that though, the American version keeps pretty much the whole format, including clueless office workers, an omnipresent camera, and periodic breaks in which characters act like they're talking to an interviewer. The company is even still a paper distributor. I may stick with it for a while ...

In more important news, it's 87 days until:Click the poster for more info!



katoagogo said...

Did you know that the actor who plays "Jim" on The Office attended the National Theater Institute in Waterford a few years ago?


hrh said...

No, I didn't! Wow, small world! I really like his character, too. Very understated yet with layers of subtext. Great season finale last Thursday. :)

I've stopped watching the British one. It got too crass for me. I've worked in offices for 16 years and have never been to an office birthday party where the birthday boy or girl got either an inflated penis or a working model penis. :O So stretches believability too far for me. Guess office parties are a bit livelier across the pond?