Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blog of "The Day"

Hi all:

A quick note to say that Kathleen Edgecomb, an Arts writer at my local paper, blogged yesterday about a "Doctor Who" scarf pattern she had found on the Internet.

She didn't know much about the Doctor and called him "a famous television detective in England." I s'pose that's not necessarily wrong, but it's surely the most understated description of the year!

She also doesn't seem to realize that there are 10 versions of him, only one of whom wore the 12-foot scarf! But "who" knows? Maybe she'll tune in next week to the Sci-Fi Channel looking for the scarf, get hooked on the character, and go searching for 4th doctor stories. People become fans in all kinds of crazy ways.

Anyhoo, I responded with a few comments of my own ...



C A Crowley said...

Read your comments.

I'll be interested to see if you still feel ambivalent about it after you've seen a few of them.

Make sure you don't miss "The End of the World" (the second episode, broadcast on Friday March 17), "Dalek," "The Empty Child + The Doctor Dances," and the last two.

All the others are interesting too but some people didn't like the Nestene Unconsciousness's way with garbage bins (ep. 1), the peculiarities of Slitheen "gas exchange" in "Aliens of London," "The End of the World," and "Boomtown," and some other issues that turn up here and there. Of the series, the ones I mention above are acknowledged as successes by most people.

The best one of all, unfortunately, is the "Christmas Invasion," the debut of the 10th Doctor. I say unfortunately because it's not being broadcast here, AFAIK.

Joy awaits you on Friday nights for the next few months!

hrh said...

Thanks for the recs. I'll be watching Friday night, though I'll miss the first 15 mins or so of Rose, because I don't get back from tennis 'til after 9:00. I think it repeats at 11, so I can catch the beginning then.
Yep, I hope I like the new Who more than I think I will. Sometimes low expectations make a show seem better... ;)
I'm hoping sci-fi pickus up S2. BSG isn't back until October, so my theory is that sci-fi will pair the SGs on Fridays July thru Sept. and BSG & Who October thru Jan. Here's hoping. :)