Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scriptwriting for Stage & Screen

Hi all:

Monday & Tuesday of this week we had our play and film scenes read at the Branford Mansion at Avery Point. It was great fun to see these wonderful local actors bring our written words to life. Since scripts are meant to live in real space and not on the page, writers learn loads by seeing their words acted out. It brings a wonderful thrill when something works and a stark clarity when something doesn't ...

Our sports nut teacher, Nick Checker, also invited what he calls his "heavy hitters" to comment on our works in progress. They included off-Broadway playwright and director of the Avery Point Playhouse, Michael Bradford, playwright and director Kato McNickle, and playwright and actor Michael McGuire.

On the film scenes night we also had some great local filmmakers to comment on how certain scenes would or would not work in front of a camera. This was the first time for film scenes to be staged this way and it was an adventure. A successful one I think anyone who attended would agree.

The actors also piped in with comments about lines and staging that are of invaluable help to writers. You could tell which scripts worked just by the enthusiasm the actors put into their performances!

The classes that lead up these final performances are great fun, and I recommend them highly to any writers who are tired of slaving away in isolation. They're offered by the Groton Parks & Recreation Department. The next sessions begin March 20 & 22.


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