Friday, March 03, 2006

"Doctor Who" in Two!

Hi all:

Mark your calendars: The new version of "Doctor Who" hits U.S. airwaves on the SciFi Channel in two weeks:

Friday March 17, 9:00 p.m. EST.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about this. From what I've heard, this modern version focuses on the companion to the point of making her the co-star on an equal level with the doctor.

This is uncool in my book 'cause the show is not called "The Doctor's Companion," "Doctor Who and His Companion," or "Doctor Who and Company." While it's true the companion often (but not always - consider the Romanas and K-9) served as the human reference point for the audience, she (usually) or he were never on the same level - as characters or actors - as the star of the show, the Doctor himself.

In addition to robbing the doctor of his coolness, his supremacy, and his alienness, this emphasis on a specific companion leads to huge problems when said companion decides to leave the show. Which has always been the way of Who; doctors and companions come and go with revolving door regularity and yet the show survived in its first incarnation for 27 years!

The other point that gives me pause is that not only does the show focus on the companion, but it makes clear that she is in love with the doctor and, from what I've heard, he reciprocates the feeling in quite human ways. This is very iffy in the doctor who world AFAIC.

So these are my reservations about the show from the feedback that I've heard from our British friends, who received the first season of "Who" last year. As I said, I have not seen it yet myself, so these views may change.

Still, I am looking forward to seeing "Doctor Who" again ... Even if it's only to wait through the episodes until my fav character from the original, Sarah Jane Smith, makes her appearance in Season Two!!


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C A Crowley said...

Have no fear. The new show is absolutely awesome. The Doctor is in no way robbed of his alienness.The character of the companion isn't some schmaltzy, embarrassing love-struck teenager, but rather the sort of amazed but fascinated person I think all of us would be if a friendly but powerful time traveler (in a blue box) just turned up at work one day.

The show reconciles things on the very small scale (everyday life) and the vast (all of time and space). And makes it hugely entertaining at the same time.

I'm sure you'll love it.