Monday, September 25, 2006

Beta Blogger

Hi all:

Well, I made the switch to beta blogger over the weekend and THREE HOURS LATER, I'm only okay with how my blog looks.

I know, from your perspective it looks virtually the same. But it was a hard time getting it back this way, lemme' tell ya' ... Or maybe not, I won't bore you.

Suffice to say, my jury is still out on whether this beta is better than the original blogger. Adding code from third parties is much harder IMHO. In order to simplify the layouts so users can add page elements, blogger added a bunch of proprietary coding in sections and widgets that I can't make heads or tails of. You can't seem to place anything outside the header, blog post, sidebar, and footer areas. But that's where I wanna' add stuff!

Anyhoo, I do like the labels function that allows me to categorize posts by topic rather than just chronologically. This makes it much easier to search out blog entries on specific topics.

Check out the new "Blog Topics" list near the bottom of the right sidebar to read entries on any of the topics that peak your interest. Of course, labeling is not an exact science - just ask any librarian about where to catalog items in the collection!!


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