Thursday, September 14, 2006

Infuze Magazine: Art, Entertainment, Faith

Hi all:

Wow! It's been a week since my last post! Time flies!

Anyhoo, I've frequently referred you to my reviews at Infuze Magazine, so I thought it was about time I featured this great site.

Infuze was started by Robin Parrish, who is now a published novelist (congratulations, Robin!).

It was mostly a review site in the beginning with commentary on popular books, movies, and music from a Christian perspective, but not with the mindset of cleaning art and entertainment up.

Infuze wants to be an influence in popular culture, which one can't do if one doesn't know popular culture or if one stands in constant judgment of it. Hence, Infuze reviews both "secular" and "Christian" works.

I put those terms in quotes because some mainstream works contain messages that are in tune with Christ's teachings even though produced by "secular" artists or companies. And by "Christian" I mean works produced by self-described Christian artists and companies, so CCM and CBA works are covered on Infuze as well.

Infuze has grown incredibly in the last year and now publishes reviews for television shows, comic books, and video games as well as several staff blogs. It also includes Live Event Coverage, podcasts, and portals for Comic Books, Music, and Video Games.

From the beginning, Infuze has showcased Original Art and continues to do so prominently. They are open to publishing new artists, too. Check out their Creative Works pages:

Infuze requires free registration to read much of the content, but it's quick and easy, and you won't receive any e-mail spam. So sign up today and stay in touch with what's happening where the worlds of Art, Entertainment, and Faith collide!




C.J. Darlington said...

Yep. Infuze is a great site. They're doing an amazing job. And if you haven't read Robin's book Relentless, might I suggest you hurry on out to the bookstore and get yourself a copy? I enjoyed it.

hrh said...

Hi C.J.
Yep squared.
Now for sheepish grin time - I actually have 2 copies of Relentless, the advanced copy and the official, but I haven't had a chance to read it. Or is this hang my head in shame time?

Thanks for the reco. though. Now, if I could just break my leg and need bed rest so I can catch up on all the great reading ... Just kidding!! Sorta'