Friday, September 15, 2006

"The Guardian" showcases the U.S. Coast Guard

Hi all:

If you live in selected cities (alas, nowhere near me - more on that later), you can go to a Sneak Preview this Saturday 9/16/06 of the new movie The Guardian starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.

I haven't seen the movie so this is a qualified recommendation, but I love the subject matter for personal reasons: It is based on true stories of U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmers, and my dad has worked at the U.S. Coast Guard Research & Development Center here in Southeastern Connecticut for almost 30 years! So our family is personally aware of all the great services the Coast Guard provides, and I'm thrilled for this government service to finally get its big screen due!

I'm not really a Kevin Costner or Ashton Kutcher fan, but lots of people are, so if their big names can draw attention to the Coast Guard's work, then whoopee! Thank goodness for celebrities!

Here's the poster with more info. on the movie:

Click on the poster for trailers, photos, credits, downloads, and more. Check the top of the page for the search function to see whether the Sneak Preview is playing in your areas.

As I said at the top, the movie is not playing here in New London County, which seems odd since we're home to the:

Now I ask you: Doesn't this seem like a logical place to preview a movie about the U.S. Coast Guard? I'm just sayin'!

Anyhoo, if you go this weekend, come back and tell us what you think by clicking on "comments" at the end of this entry. I have to wait until 9/29/06 to see it. Sniff.




eh said...

This movie is being previewed at Dealy Center at the Subase in Groton. It is open to military and civil service personnel and one guest each. The CG R&D Center has 20 tickets.

C.J. Darlington said...

I saw a preview for this recently at my local theater, so I'm guessing they'll be having it. Seemed intriguing. Anyone know what it's rated?

hrh said...

Thanks for the info., eh. Glad to know it's showing somewhere here.

But I still think the general public in this area would love to see it, too, so limiting it to the Subbase is a missed marketing opportunity for the movie studio. Even if the Garde ( showed it, at least the public could get to it.

Anyhoo, I hope the movie is good after all my ranting!

Hey, C.J. it's rated PG-13.

hrp said...


did you go see it?


hrh said...

Hi hrp:

I'll answer for eh, since I don't think he knows you asked! :)

They're planning to see it this weekend 10/7, etc. I may go, too. The reviews have been mixed, but you and T might like it, it should have a lot of action. :)