Monday, September 18, 2006

SF Reader Reviews Re-posted

Hi all:

I said I'd let ya' know when my lost SF Reader reviews had been reposted.

Some of them have as follows:

Distant Shores, a Star Trek Voyager 10th Anniversary anthology (original blog)
Cohesion, Book One in the Star Trek Voyager String Theory series (original blog)
Fusion, Book Two in the Star Trek Voyager Theory series (original blog)

Still missing are:

Evolution, Book Three in the Star Trek Voyager series (alas! I think I've lost this file!)
The Candle of Distant Earth, Book Three in Alan Dean Foster's The Taken trilogy

I'll let ya' know when and if these get reposted.

Tomorrow I'll tell ya' about an exciting new site I'm going to be reviewing for ...


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