Tuesday, September 19, 2006

International Space Station and Women in Space

Hi all:

Today's entry is based on some emails I got from Space.com this morning. Space travel is one of my interests and I would love to go up in orbit some day. But certainly not until the price comes down significantly from $20 million a ride!!

Anyhoo, the first non-astronaut/cosmonaut woman, Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian American, is now in space and she's keeping a blog about it. Check it out. Way cool.

Her family sponsored the Ansari X prize, which was a competition for private companies to fly to space, so there is some conflict of interest there.

But I can go along with her personal goals as listed here from her website:

  • As a Space Ambassador, act as a messenger to create public awareness and stimulate grassroots enthusiasm about the virtues of space exploration;
  • To inspire youth, and especially girls, around the world to pursue their dreams; and,
  • To promote peace and understanding amongst nations as the world’s first Space Ambassador.

Also, if you're interested in keeping up on what's happening in space and at the International Space Station (ISS), check out this LiveScience blog.

Finally, with the new solar panels just installed on the ISS, the Station will rival Venus for brightness in the night sky. So get outside on a clear night and see if you can spot our brothers and sisters up in space!

Okay, time to bring my head back down from the clouds! But it's exciting what's going on up there! If we could only transfer that international cooperation to our behavior down here!


P.S. I haven't forgotten the new review preview. Soon ...

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