Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Babies' Medical Exam- Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China

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Friday, November 24, the families who adopted from other provinces all arrived in Guangzhou since this city is the adoption center for all of China. All children pass through here before leaving China.

Saturday morning, November 25, we went to the hospital clinic on Shamian Island for the babies to get their medical exams. The babies need to visit 3 stations: one for ear, nose, and throat (E.N.T.), one for measurements, and one for an exam.

Arriving at the clinic.

Waiting our turn. It's very noisy in there with screaming babies at every medical station.

Here's Amy, one of our guides, doing our paperwork. Once doctors at all three stations fill out and sign the paperwork, we have to give it to Amy right away. The hospital puts it in a sealed envelope and only the U.S. Consulate can open it. I assume that's to prevent adoptive parents "doctoring" the medical reports.

You can tell these technicians have been doing this awhile, because they were very fast. Which is good 'cause none of the babies like it! Now it's Lilly's turn!

She started off well ...

But she quickly changed her mind ...

Poor baby!
Sister Abby's glad she doesn't have to go through this again!

All done and back outside in the fresh, quieter air. Whew! We're all so relieved that's over.

For the story from the new adoptive family's perspective, visit their site and click on "Our Journey to China".

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