Sunday, December 10, 2006

Buddhist Temple and Chinese Christmas

Hi all:

Friday December 1 was our last day in China. In the afternoon we took a taxi with one other family to a Buddhist Temple, the Guangzhou Liurong Temple, which is several centuries old.

Studying the layout of the temple grounds:

Several buddhas:

Here's an incense burner:

It has a pagoda that's 9 stories tall.

I climbed up about halfway with Jim and Abby, but Abby's fearless, and I was worried about her. She kept sticking her head through the railing!

It's a long way down from here!

So we came back down!!

In the evening the China Hotel had a Christmas reception in the lobby with wine, beer, soft drinks, and snacks. The wait staff were in tuxedos and Santa hats. Bing Crosby was piped in singing Christmas carols!

They had a girls choir.

The same strolling musicians we heard at Thanksgiving.

Santa Claus for the Chinese kids to sit on his lap and get their picture taken.

Daddy and Abby check out the festivities!

A very surreal day!

Next up: The looooong trip home!

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