Saturday, December 09, 2006

Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China

Hi all:

Thursday, November 30, was another free day, so we went back to Shamian Island to hang out and finish up last-minute shopping.

Here's a goldfish pile-up in the hotel lobby pond of the White Swan Hotel, which is where most adopting families stay. [We were in the China Hotel.] We used the taxi stand at the White Swan to travel to and from Shamian from our hotel.

Here's a shop run by a Chinese man and his sister named Jordon and Wendy. He chose his American name after Michael Jordan, and hers was chosen for her by her English teacher:

Here's Abby with one of the many life-like sculptures in a Shamian Island park:

Lilly's on the move in the park!

Mom plays with the girls while Dad watches the fun:

Helpful signage!

Here's our party in Lucy's Bar and Grille:

Yes, it's named after Lucille Ball. Here's one of the many pieces of American entertainment memorabalia hanging in the restaurant (This one's for you, Mom!):

One more entry on our looooong trip home and the happy homecoming will wrap up our China trip!

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