Friday, December 08, 2006

Cruise on the Pearl River, Guangzhou, China

Hi all:

Wednesday, November 29, was a free day, so we went down to the hotel's Kiddieland for a while to let the kid play. Both Lilly and Abby loved the playroom.

Lilly's on the move!

Lilly's found something to play with:

We also went on an evening dinner cruise on the Pearl River. Here's Jim showing his ticket to get on the ferry in the background.

Here's the family at dinner:

Here's Abby showing us the lighted boat parade.

Here's Lilly on the top deck amazed at the decorated ships:

This was the last night of the boat parade which touted tourism in Guangdong Province. Some magnificent floats. Enough to make another slideshow, but here are a few shots:

I'll probably do 2 more entries to finish the trip log.

I hope you're enjoying the journey so far!

Take care,


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