Monday, April 09, 2007

April Fool's Writing Challenge!

Hi all:

I signed up for the April Fools' Writing Challenge:

and committed to writing 15,000 words in April. That works out to 500 words a day. What was I thinking? Am I a fool or what?

Many different kinds of writing count for this challenge, but I signed up mainly for my fiction and script writing. I've only actually done about 500 words in that area ... but I've done lots of qualifying writing! Honest!

Seriously, here's my word count progress meter, which is already in progress, because it's already April 9 ...

2,000 / 15,000

I'm also going to post the progress meter in my sidebar.

You can help me out by checking my Word Progress Counter throughout the month and sending me a gentle reminder to "GET WRITING!!"

Thanks so much!



C.J. Darlington said...

Great idea, Heather! 500 words a day is a nice doable length when you have a full time job besides your writing. Ask me how I know! :)

hrh said...

Hey, C.J., not to mention a jam-packed weekly ezine, which I assume is on top of your full time job!! At least it keeps the rest of us "On Trakk!" Thanks. :)