Friday, June 01, 2007

"The Heir" by Paul Robertson at Absolute Write

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I've got a new review posted over at Absolute Write for a novel called The Heir by Paul Robertson.

The Heir

By Paul Robertson / Bethany House

Here's how my review starts:

Let me begin with the disclaimer that neither suspense nor mystery are my preferred genres. I also don't choose dark, existential, and sometimes violent stories when looking for my next read. Nevertheless when I received Paul Robertson's The Heir, I was impressed by the look and feel of a well-made book. This is a rare hardcover novel from Bethany House, the premier publisher of Christian fiction, and its spare black and white-toned business look with nondescript men in suits and minimalist interior design drew my curiosity despite my usual druthers.

Thus lured into giving the book a try, I was again taken aback when I discovered that Robertson tells the tale of Jason Boyer, reluctant heir, in first person POV-- a choice that seems unusual for a men's title. Maybe I'm too programmed to read first person POV and assume chick lit. Not that Boyer's voice could in any way be mistaken for a woman's voice. It was actually quite refreshing to read this novel with its distinctively male perspective. Logical. Unemotional. Competitive ...

Click here to find out what other obstacle Robertson overcame to entice me into reading Jason's story.

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