Monday, June 04, 2007

"Quaker Summer" by Lisa Samson at Title Trakk

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I've got a new review over at Title Trakk for Lisa Samson's latest novel Quaker Summer.

Quaker Summer, Women of Faith Series #16

By Lisa Samson / Thomas Nelson

Here's how my review starts:

I am writing this review of Lisa Samson's Quaker Summer from the perspective of the intended audience as indicated by the "Women of Faith Fiction" logo on the cover. I have not been to a Women of Faith event but my impression is that they are an uplifting, encouraging experience designed to rejuvenate and refocus women on leading godly lives in their families and communities. My other impression is that they attract primarily a middle to upper middle class audience.

If these impressions are correct, then Heather Reeves is a highly identifiable protagonist for this audience. And her encounters one summer with Sister Jerusha, an outspoken nun and godparent to a drug dealer, and Anna, the nonagenarian Quaker and her freethinking sister Liza, will strike powerful cords in Women of Faith readers. Indeed, it's a great idea to sell Quaker Summer at Women of Faith events, because it makes a great takeaway to help participants keep the holy living momentum alive as they read about Heather's journey after they return home.

When her story begins, Heather is a compulsive shopper, who lives on the hill overlooking Loch Raven in Baltimore, apparently an upper middle class area that befits her status as wife of a heart surgeon ...

Click here to find out what happens to Heather (but not everything - don't worry, I don't spoil it for you!).

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