Friday, April 03, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock - No More Kings (even ones named Obama)

Hi all:

Here's both a blast from the past and a timely reminder for what America is all about. Let's stand up for our rights again. Get thee to a Tea Party.

As the video says:

"Back in England, he [the king] didn't give them any voice. That's called 'taxation without representation' and that's not fair. But when the colonies complained, the king said 'I don't care.'" Sound familiar? Like our current President and Congress?

"They wanted no more Mother England. They knew the time had come for them to take command." That's what the Tea Parties are all about. We the people want our representation back!

"It's very clear you're being unfair, King [Obama] ... Gonna hold a revolution now, King [Obama], and we're gonna' run it all our way, King [Obama]."

[Everybody sing along!] "With No More Kinnnggggng [Obama]."

"We're gonna' elect a President."

[Join in now.] "No More King!"

"He's [or she's] gonna' do what the people want."

[Come in now, chorus.] "No More King!"

"We're gonna' run things our way."

[Really get into it now.] "No More King!"

"He's not gonna' tell us what to do."

[All together now!] "No more king!"

[And the Big Finale!] "Looks like it's going to be A FREE COUNTRY! Yayyyyyyyyy!"

I hope this song runs through your head all day. [Evil chuckle.]

And just to stop yourself from singing it you get thee to your local Tea Party. I'm planning on going to the Norwich, CT one.


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