Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Pictures: Meeting Sarah Palin in Rochester

Hi all:

Enjoy some pix I drove 811 miles RT to get!

First of all: No, I didn't camp out overnight.
But here are the instructions for those who did:
Question: What other politicians have people camping out
overnight for their book signings?

Sarah's there somewhere!

Stars in her eyes.


The man on the left is Jason Recher,
who worked with her on the 2008 campaign.
Looks like he still is.

Chatting with supporters.

Listening to suppporters.

Supporters of all ages.

Shaking hands.

Leaning in.

Here we are! Almost there. Just around the corner we'll get to meet Sarah!
I'm in the middle.

We had to put our cameras on a separate table because no personal pix were allowed of ourselves with Sarah. Shealah Craighead took pix, so I'll be checking there to see if there are any good ones of my meeting.




TheMouse said...

Did you get any photos of the people with the Gadsden ( Don't Tread On Me ) shirts ? Or the two who had on the Oath Keeper shirts ?

hrh said...

No pix of them though I saw the "Don't Tread" shirts. Didn't see the "Oathkeepers."

The Old Geezer said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog.
Great photos
God bless you