Monday, November 02, 2009

Factual Response to Democrat National Committee's Attack on Sarah Palin re: Health Care

Hi all:

Check out this quick video fact check of the Democrat National Committee's (DNC) attack ad trying to debunk Sarah Palin's claims about the horrible health care plans currently being forced upon us Americans:

(BTW, I thought Palin was an irrelevant, light-weight quitter? Why is the official DNC attacking a private citizen? ...)


Join Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and actor Jon Voight and a few thousand or so (more if you can go) this Thursday (November 5) at high noon on the West Steps of the Capitol in DC to walk the halls and let our congressman and women - you know, those people we sent to DC to represent our policy preferences - that we do not want these health care plans foisted upon us.

Click here for all the details.



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