Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why I am not posting as promised.

Hi all:

OK. Change of plans.

It seems China blocks blogger.com so I can't get into my blog at all!! I also can't get to Google!

Sooo first item learned on trip: Enjoy your American freedoms, people!

Not to mention our guide talked several times with apparently no regrets about China's population controls in place since 1979. How would you enjoy the government deciding how many kids you can have? And having to pay the government if you wanted more than one?

I will send e-mails to those people I have e-mails for and will attach a few photos. When I get back I'll do a retroactive series on my blog with more photos and details.

Thanks so much for understanding and again - ENJOY YOUR FREEDOMS!



hrp said...

Cute picture, hrh! Looks like Lilly is enjoying checking out the view from your lap. I'm guessing Glen put this on your blog for you. Looking forward to more updates via blog, website, or email!

hrh said...

Hi hrp:
I just had hotel services hook up my computer because they also provide a power supply which I found out from someone else in my group.

And lo and behold, my blog came up!!

Soooo we may be back in business. I hope so.

If so, I'll post updates and more photos soon!