Friday, May 04, 2007

Bethany House quotes my review of "Return of the Guardian-King"

Hi all:

Remember about a month ago when I shared my thrill that Bethany House (BH) was quoting from my review of Sharon Hinck's Renovating Becky Miller?

Well, the lovely ladies of Title Trakk have informed me that BH is quoting me again. This time for my review of Karen Hancock's The Return of the Guardian-King!

Click on the BH logo and scroll down the page to see the two paragraphs from my review:

If BH's writeup and the reviews convince you to read the Legends, come back and click on the book's title to get a discounted copy at CBD.

FYI: I used to shorten the 316-character URL for BH's site, so if you see the site first, wait a few seconds while it connects to BH. Thanks.




Becky said...

Great quotes at Bethany from your review. I can see why they'd want to include them!

Got the tag. Thanks, thanks a lot! LOL

And here I was going to post on satire today. ;-)


hrh said...

Thanks for the kind words, Becky. I'm off to see what you had to say about satire - and if I agree with you or not! ;)